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"Through interpretation, understanding;
through understanding, appreciation;
through appreciation, protection”

Freeman Tilden



Tilden Group is a boutique property development company which pays respect to nature and the beautiful natural resources utilised during the construction process, whilst delivering wellness centric designs to meet the demands of modern living. 


Natural Materials

We carefully select natural materials which support healthy living and a "low-tox" philosophy

Wellness Centric Design

Our designs are aimed at providing the occupants with holistic health, wellbeing, and comfort on all levels  

Client Focussed

Through delivering quality product in desirable locations we are able to achieve exceptional outcomes for both the end buyer and investors alike. 

Our Story



Tilden Group was named after Freeman Tilden (1883-1980), 

a lover of nature and true conservationist.

​Freeman Tilden was famous for his 6 principles of “heritage interpretation”, which is a communication process that forges emotional and intellectual connections between the interests of the audience and the subject matter. ​

Interpretation enriches our lives through evoking emotions, enhancing experiences, and deepening our understanding of the world around us.

Here at Tilden Group we have been inspired by Tilden's principles and aim to evoke emotional connections through wellness promoting designs and natural materials used in the properties we build.

Where possible we align with Well Certified concepts and explore innovative ways to support wellness initiatives, and love to collaborate with others who share these same values.



Development Consulting

Our professional development consulting service is aimed at saving our client's time and energy. We offer an end to end service to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. 

Joint Ventures 

Through our extensive network of industry contacts and private investors we are able to work through a variety of creative strategies to help you identify the most profitable strategy for your situation and where required partner you with others to achieve your goals.  


Land Owner Developments 

Through partnering with landowners we are able to assist them in developing their land and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.






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